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About Us, About Seven Sins !

Seven Sins stared in Tera Rising back in 2012, former community as a group of player we approached numerous games, such as : Guild Wars 2, The Elder Scrolls, Wild Star and Black Desert. Our pride is a nourished and motivated roster, as we are approaching our new title chosen by the commuity Revelation Online, a lot of our members have a long MMO experience and are already playing on Revelation Online's Chinese beta version of the game.
We are looking for players that love the community life and that knows how to act accordingly with guild members in order to archieve common goals.

"With the community, comes Strenght!" is the dominant Motto in our guild, as well as being the attitude with witch we face our daily challenges.
The seven Sins roots in a PvX style, but, for those who know us, knows that our efforts are primarly focused on every form of PvP.
The will of reaching high objectives and being competitive , is the engine that steams our community , neverthless , let us not forget that is important to stretch the bonds
outside of the harsh atmosphere of harcore gaming,thus , developing and nourishing friendly relationships between guild members.

We confidently look to the future, everyone works (normal members, officials and administrators), in order to build a stimulating and addictive environment; anyone that shares this type of gaming and community atmosphere, will allways be welcome, regardless of his being a novice or a veteran.

You can drop us an apply here

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Hi maybe u should talk about new valencia update in the news section

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For the new registered: remember to tell an admin in what guild you are (EMT, SSG, ACM), or to put it in you personal quote so we can give you permission to the adequate forum section