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09/01/2018 18:04

hello! :-)

23/08/2016 03:09

Just wandering what 's our actual status in general?

08/07/2016 14:00

Deleted message

07/07/2016 17:02

Deleted message

30/06/2016 15:05

yes, I had to prepare the article :)

30/06/2016 04:30

Hi maybe u should talk about new valencia update in the news section

20/06/2016 10:52

hello :D

20/06/2016 09:11

Hello :D

19/06/2016 14:38

Hello guys ;)

10/06/2016 12:15

For the new registered: remember to tell an admin in what guild you are (EMT, SSG, ACM), or to put it in you personal quote so we can give you permission to the adequate forum section