Recruitment Here a few requirements you need to meet before applying!

Hi, Welcome to the Seven Sins Community Site:

Based on a Council System the Community is led by the Admins and Guild Master that have the last call on every decision.

The use of Teamspeak3 is must both while active play or afk play; if your Char is online, you should be logged in also on Teamspeak3. We ask everyone to use the following format Char name/Family name/level (Es: Mistfury Mistfury 55)

The community is also Facebook and you keep your self-updated both on the forum or on the Community Pages where important things are going to be linked and Re-shared.

Seven Sins Organization:
Developed on a three Guild System the Community is so composed by:

  • EMTSevenSins. PVP oriented Guild hosting the best and some of the more experienced players of the community, with an Army-Like System and a strong PvP Backbone.
  • SevenSinsGuild. Softcore PvX guild, it’s the best place for new comers to learn and catch up on the game and get ready for Siege wars and Node Wars.
  • ACMSevenSins. Casual Guild, the best place to enjoy the game in a relaxed atmosphere without the dangers of a GvG or a call to army.

Requirementsto join a Guild are Different and we can decide to make exceptions depending on
the outcome of the welcome interview with the Officers.
Here is therequirements based on Guild.

  • EMTSevenSins: Level 54+ with ap/dp 280+, and at least threeto four hrs. to dedicate playing BDO daily.
  • SevenSinsGuild: Level 53+ with ap/dp 250+, it is recommended that you can dedicate at least 3hrs per day actively playing; we do not support period of inactivity longer than 6 days.
  • ACMSevenSins: No restriction of level or play time.

Guild Salary:
We support a no Collect Money Policy as a Guild Boss is much more valuable reward than a salary will ever be able to represent.

Every guild has its own policy about Boss Scrolls and the schedule is due to change depending on Guild Needs.

For additional information, feel free to ask our staff on TeamSpeak.

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For the new registered: remember to tell an admin in what guild you are (EMT, SSG, ACM), or to put it in you personal quote so we can give you permission to the adequate forum section